Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wednesday January 7th

The comic:

You know, the gender switch is actually quite interesting when you look at the Bear's expression. He's not mad because his neighbor/friend has kept his belt sander (do people really have to sand belts that often?). He's mad because his wife has been nagging him about the fact that they have nothing, and what they do have is shit, and then he lends it out. (Her voice is getting louder and louder.)

If he's getting his tools back, he has to do chores.

As for the caption, it's pretty much gibberish. I mean, I understand the sentence, but what does it have to do with Pluggerness? They have terrible taste in friends?


K.T. said...

"Could I borrow it back." "Can you borrow me a dollar." Etc, etc, etc. Arrgh. That's true-blue grammatically incorrect Midwestern dialect. I've heard college professors say it. Arrgh!!

Time for bed, KT.

xy said...

hey, not all midwestern people speak with such poor grammer. I'm from the midwest and my grammer be very good, it be so good my mamma done gived me a prize

Kaitlyn said...

Hey wait, says the aggrieved transplanted Tennessean, we're the ones who sound dumb when we talk.

What the hell is going on here?

I think ya'll are just jealous because you don't have awesome accents, so you act smarter.

(My sister went up to Nebraska to visit relatives and laid on the Southern drag act. She now denies it, but my mom still laughs at the memory. "Do ya'll have any SWATE TAY?" She was like 14 at the time.)

xy said...

actually in MN we have the most awesome accent of all dont'cha know? you betcha we do, ay. not many of us actually speak this way, just those weirdos that live by the border

K.T. said...

Actually, I am from the Midwest. I should have specified that. I've lived in Minnesota for 17 years, and for the most part I enjoy the way we talk -- it's easy on the ears! -- except for using "borrow" incorrectly. And when people say "I seen it". I'm also obsessed with grammar and punctuation, so keep that it mind. My point is that Pluggers are stupid.

K.T. said...

... Don'tcha know.

Marion Delgado said...

zomg kaitlyn you're dropping the plug!

Unlike modern politicians and so on, who give foreigners loans, and banks the gummint makes give mortgages to mi-norities because of ACORN, and the bailouts and so on?

Pluggers need to actually get back what they lend. They have all these chores to start.

Actually I think Pluggers should insist that if you keep the belt sander more than a month, they get a box of mints and a doorknob as interest. That's how lending should work.

But being pluggers, they won't even get the belt sander back.

BTW I don't know if you noticed, but one of your commenters summed up Pluggers the best I've ever seen:

"The only thing Pluggers finish are their meals."

Kaitlyn said...

"dropping the plug," Marion?

Of course, Pluggers as an elaborate political allegory.

Nah, they wouldn't know subtle if you hit 'em in the head with a brick.


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