Saturday, January 3, 2009

Saturday January 3rd

The comic:

So this is yet another classic, so soon after that craptastic countdown. It is hard to come up with new ways to say "Pluggers are old." Well it is hard to make fun of them, so maybe creation is equally hard.

Okay, I wrote that before seeing this comic.

I just...

Why does he have so many keys?

Is there writing on the door, meaning its an office door and he's just the janitor? (Explains the amount of keys.)

Pluggers hurt my brain. Why do they do this to me?


xy said...

The only explanation for that amount of keys is that he's a janitor. He must be a bad janitor too cause all the ones I've ever met knew exactly which key the needed. Also, people in Tanzania read Pluggers? I feel sorry for them.

Kaitlyn said...

With that name, he or she may be a missionary.

And it's the largest city - they may not read it in the paper, but hello! world wide web.

I never thought of a Plugger ex-pat. The "Ugly American" indeed.

Or a native Tanzanian, and all these assumptions are incorrect.

xy said...

I understand that you could read Pluggers from anywhere in the world, but why would they? If I could avoid it I would, but it infects my comics page nearly everyday.

Kaitlyn said...

I deliberately seek it out so I can mock it. Or make an attempt to mock it.

Because, well, why not.


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