Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday January 23rd

The comic:

See, Stella? I knew a Plugger wife rolled eyes from time to time!

Notice she doesn't object, though, or ask for anything better. The single Plugger male may frequent a fast food place by himself, but his lady deserves better!

And by better, I mean worse.

Now, it's been a while since I've been in a Costco/Sam's Club, and you know why? You have to be a member. And pay money. To go. Even if you're going to watch the opening parts of the Iron Man DVD and munch on chicken snacks.

As for non-clubhouse places, I've never seen the TVs at Wal-Mart play a whole movie, or a whole DVD.

I'd say Pluggers could cook and rent a movie from the library, but since this is Pluggerville, I imagine that it costs a bit to rent movies from the library, just like it does here in Memphis. ($3. Tell me you guys in places with amazing libraries pay less for movies. Or more emphasis on education. Because we have interlibrary loan, and I can order things online... but still $3 and it's due in 3 days.)

However, I do find it sweet that a non-young Plugger is willing to leave the house for what could be considered a date. Remember the last time a Plugger couple went to one of these places? It was a first date-ish thing, and I'm not looking for the link. But I talked about more than once, because I really hate the idea of a date where the dinner consists of running around looking for samples. (Well, I remember running around last time I went there, but that was a long time ago and I was probably an inch shorter.)


Anonymous said...

Is she rolling her eyes or is she looking in disbelief at the loser she married? I have seen rolling eyes on Plugger wives before, it was usually the "non-plugger" wife i.e. Employed wife.

Wouldn't membership at a Sam's Club be considered "elitist", the very thing Pluggers claim to hate? I mean only the people who can afford the membership can shop there right?

Also my library lets you check out movies for free but you have to be a member of the organization, which costs money. SO I guess its not really free. My public library lets you check out DVDs for free and their late fees are INSANE!

Kaitlyn said...

It only costs money to join the Memphis library if you live in certain parts of the county, or not in the county at all.

I am so paranoid about late books...

I've only had one, and of course, it happened at college. *covers face in shame* Freshman year, first semester. It was a lapse!

I was in such pain, I literally could not walk the few blocks to the library the night of the day it was due. Or get it there before they opened.

So I took it in to pay the fine, later that day. (By car.)


And there was no mark on my record.

I have huuuuuuuuuuge authority issues. I was a gibbering mess over $.25? Even if I'd looked up the amount ahead of time, I was positive there was more punishment in store for me!

I don't want to know what I'd do about a late DVD.

Haven't had Netflix very long*, but, oh do I love it already.

*less than 3 weeks, only seen 2 movies and just have 2 more sitting on my desk. I'm wild!

Anonymous said...

I just paid a $67 dollar late fine at my Library, and I'm a librarian. Talk about shame.


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