Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday January 22nd

The comic:

And non-Pluggers are ungrateful bastards.

Except this is creepy, for some reason.

Not to mention wrong.

My mom chats up everyone at her favorite non-chain restaurants. You hear that, Plugger ding bats? THEY'RE NOT FUCKING NATIONAL FAST FOODS CHAINS! Of course, if she knows the cashier or anybody behind the counter at the fast food place, well, I hope you're in a disguise. Or you brought a book, because your food will be digested before she is done.

But there is no CHEF, no COOK, NO RECIPES at your MCDONALDS! They heat food! The recipes (such as they are, says the McNugget lover), come from R&D, which is not in Pluggerville!

It's great to be polite, but don't be so damned stupid about it, pluggers.

And don't be stupid enough to run it as a classic.

Of course, this could just be a sign that they're "jes folks" and there are no "chefs" in their towns, because they're real people, they're Pluggers. They're stupid and proud of it.


xy said...

i took as the plugger was being sarcastic and subtly insulting the cashier. of course i then realized that pluggers aren't nearly that smart.

he probably heard Garcon on TV and thought it meant anyone that gives you food. really it's French for Wait-person, although they are more important than your average waiter.

Kaitlyn said...

Actually, garçon is French for boy.

So it's pretty insulting to call your waiter that. (That's serveur/veuse, depending on the gender, but don't ask me, my brain is mush. Class ended at 12:45.)

I bet they pronounced the ç as k sound. That just sounds wrong, and I mangle 9 out of 10 French words.

Anonymous said...

I used to work at a McDonalds so I can tell you, that McDog with no pupils is silently cursing that Plugger and wishing he'd be annoying and old over at Burger King.

From the smile on his face I can also tell he's thinking about the odds of him getting away with throwing that hot cup of McCafe at an irritating geriatric.

K.T. said...

Anyone who's seen Pulp Fiction should know that "garçon" means boy.

How does Plugger-man he know that his hideous meal is "per-fect-o", anyway? He hasn't eaten it yet. There might be a dead mouse baked right into the middle of his Royale With Cheese.

Kaitlyn said...

Perhaps, Stella.

While I appreciate some experience from the world behind the fast food counter, you don't know much about Pluggers.

They are always happy, especially once they reach old or middle age. (When Brookins draws them rather wide, they're old. They act old.)

Sometimes I've seen rolled eyes, but only at a husband... or maybe I haven't. Anyways. That may be what a normal person would be thinking, but this is Pluggerville.

They make insanity look boring.

xy said...

ok, so it's directly translated as wait-person, but it is used in that manner.

Anonymous said...

I meant that the McDog worker was smiling because he was thinking about scalding the Plugger. Pluggers are always smiling because they're oblivious to how annoying they are to the rest of the world.

Can a McWorker be considered a Plugger? The ones I knew weren't. They usually fall into two categories; students and hateful, bitter adults. Occasionally you'll see a cheerful person working at a fast food place but that's only after every bit of their soul has died.

xy said...

i meant to say "not directly translated"

Kaitlyn said...

I wouldn't assume a McWorker is a Plugger. If they're a student, their life has potential.

If not, well, being a Plugger is no fun.

But I'm saying that the person behind the counter is a Plugger, because I've never seen a non-Plugger grace this comic. And would a non-Plugger want to serve Pluggers? For minimum wage?

(oh, wait, they do. It's called reality.)


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