Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday January 16th

The comic:

And a Plugger's second hot tub is a kiddy pool that's been baking in the hot sun all afternoon.

Try not to think about those bubbles.

Also, we thought the top ten list was bad, we thought a month old 'classic' was bad, but what about this? I have seen this before, right down to the species and the drugged look on the adult's face. (Well, I don't remember the name, but you don't think this is Plugger Plagiarism, do you? I doubt the good folks who have adopted the Plugger name would let that stand!)

Anyways, arrest that baby for indecency and general weirdness! You don't bathe in a hot tub! Or a swimming pool. Yes, it's a huge waste of water and resources. That's why it's so surprising that this is the "first" hot tub and not the "first and last" hot tub of a Plugger's life. Unless the Pluggerville Y has one...


Anonymous said...

the kangaroo, rabit, whatever, always looks like she's on drugs. i don't understand this, but then i don't understand most things about pluggers

Bryce Baker said...

I guess the rabbit genes must be recessive and the bear genes dominant


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