Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday January 17th

The comic:

Is cast a word for some other word, god I'm dumb today. All I could think was "don't barf, don't barf" and then in my speech class we had to an ice-breaking exercise and I couldn't remember anything about the 2 people I was supposed to remember anything about. But other people? Oh, totally! Like this one guy is GOING TO THE FUCKING INAUGURATION.

And then in the next class, I was the only one who knew the three ethnic groups in Iraq. My stomach had settled down by then.

Pluggers have time to fish, but I wonder if they're purist douches who act like people with boats that don't leak are sellouts. Ok, I have no idea what the fishing world is like, I just know that fishing is quite boring, at least to me. I can't cast the damn things and hook your own damn worms, I'm going on a walk.


K.T. said...

The dog Plugger is about to get a hook in the eye.

Marion Delgado said...

i don't think there IS any double meaning.

what's wrong with you?

too impatient!

you citified brats.

no time.

fishing is reflective.

and there's always time.

for just


WV: rettedan. Dutch. Either some weird food or a place where whores walk all over you for a couple of hours while you breathe in steamed mud fumes.


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