Sunday, January 25, 2009

Monday January 26th

The comic:

More car problems, though we haven't yet found out if this even runs or not. (By the way, you have to see Dean Booth's version of Saturday's comic. So much funnier! But of course.)

How can they key wear out before the vehicle? Aren't they used together? I don't know from personal experience, my mom's only had her current vehicle since Feb '02 or so, and the key doesn't need regular maintenance!

Plus, for him to only notice a problem with they key once he's in the damned car, well, he never looks at his keys or oh USES THEM TO UNLOCK THE FRIGGIN CAR!

I mean, I know it's a Plugger car, but come on, do these people value nothing in their miserable lives? Lock your damn doors! (My sister is shocked, shocked!, that I lock my door. I'd have to check the house doors at night after she went to bed because she never locked them.)

But even if it's a Plugger car, sometimes there's expensive stuff inside.

Or on the car itself. When we lived in off the base in Italy, my parents left the car doors unlocked and put a sign up saying so, so that potential thieves wouldn't break the windows to get to the radio. The windows cost more and took longer to replace then, back in the old days.

But keys wearing out before the car?

That just hurts my head, and you know I know jack about cars. We've seen Plugger's cars break down, what do they do, hotwire the damn things?

Then again, I think Brookins isn't trying for any kind of continuity or logic or sense. And I could handle that.

But we just had a car break down on Saturday! It's Monday! Not all your readers are Pluggers, and some Pluggers can remember that far back. Show some respect, man.


xy said...

yeah, i'm pretty sure a key can't wear out. maybe you could break it, but that would take more effort than most pluggers have for an entire week

Anonymous said...

A Key can wear out if you insist on using it for un-keylike things. Like opening bottles with them, opening boxes, stabbing your cellmate, etc. Mine are all worn down from sawing tiny logs with them.

Anonymous said...

I had a car door key wear out one time but ignition keys are usually made to last. He probably just needs to quit scratching himself/beating his wife with it.

Also, the views expressed by Kelly Barth do not reflect the general intelligence of the rest of Lawrence, Kansas.

Kaitlyn said...

I know Brian, I live in Tennessee.


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