Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday January 21st

The comic:

I remember this one.

I don't recall what I said then, but here's what I'll say now out of good feelings (finally seeing Om Shanti Om, SNOW!, the inauguration, only one class yesterday), is this sounds pretty similar to what you do with a computer - buy more RAM. Not necessarily huge, but more memory.

I think. I added more RAM to our computer to make the Sims run better once, so that's the extense of my computer ... memory ... adding knowledge.

But wouldn't larger post-its have more to do with eye sight than memory? If you wanted to upgrade your memory, buy more, not bigger!


Polsy said...

Well, bigger would make sense if she wrote more than one note per post-it. Which apparently she doesn't.

At first glance I thought she was smoking a cigar with a mean look on her face, rather than holding a pencil in her mouth. Made it much more entertaining.

Anonymous said...

why don't pluggers just buy a dry erase board? that way they could save money on post-its and be able to read it with ease.


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