Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday January 21st

The comic:

But I would think a female Plugger in charge of such things would be, you know, fussy, and love to decorate everything come Christmas time, matchy matchy! So these would be stored, not used callously throughout the year!

Also, new hand towels? I know the last time somebody in my family bought a hand towel - August or September 2007, when I moved into the dorm. Unfortunately, I soon learned that I could have spent one dollar instead of ten. But I still have it, so that's something.

And that is one scary looking Rudolph.

(The best post-holiday bargains are on candy, duh!)

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Anonymous said...

I call BS! A REAL Plugger cuts up their old t-shirts and underwear and uses that for rags. Buying towels -- what, are Pluggers MADE of money?


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