Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday January 9th

The comic:

Why is he holding her purse? I've never understood this gag, because most places women can go, their purses can also go.



Marion Delgado said...

He's a cross-dressing gay Plugger, still in the closet at 75. He stands there holding his purse like a distasteful prop and looks in at the lingerie. Everyone thinks he has a daughter or wife in there that he's holding a purse for who's buying something. A few people notice no one ever comes out and think he's an old perv watching the young women hold up lingerie. No one but him and Jesus know he just wishes he could wear everything in the store.

In fairness to his shopping agenda, he has bought a few things there "for her" in the past, and he's wearing some of them.

Note to the Blogger:

Most of the time when I've held a purse it was to give some woman a chance to try things on without hassling with her purse.

Pretending you're worried about your masculinity is a way of drawing attention to the facts that you (a) have a girlfriend and (b) are a very nice boyfriend. Anyone who really worries because they're holding a woman's purse for her is both insane and closeted.


Kaitlyn said...

Hmm. I don't know about that - even with a purse that's as big as a diaper bag (the cool ones now) can be put down in the dressing room stall.


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