Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday July 5th

American readers (ha, like anyone reads this but me) - have a good fourth? I slept til almost noon, watched Blast from the Past, baseball, and the Simpsons. Then we played with the dogs - Mikey gnawed on me, my mom, and my dog. (My dog is 50 pound chow mix, Mikey is a 10 pound poodle/terrier mix.)

Then the fireworks. That my mom and sister set off in our driveway. Dixie hates fireworks. This is well known. She was not happy and neither was I. Bloody holiday!

On to the comic!

As I established earlier, Hank Hill is a Plugger. He has a stud finder.

But I'm learning that Pluggers are contradictory creatures - if I were to look at a month's worth of comics, I'm sure I'd find at least one that contradicted a previous one.

Or they don't mind any excuse to hate on technology - though a stud finder? Really? Oh well, it's a stud finder, er, "joke" in the comics that doesn't refer to dating or sex, so that's something.

Also, to avoid holes in your walls, you're supposed to put tape on... something. I want to say the wall...

I'm still at the thumbtack and tape stage.

Wait - WTF is their stud finder? Him? His hammer? Plain old luck? I think putting multiple holes in your wall is more costly than a stud finder, which doesn't even cost 20 US dollars! At Wal-Mart's website, the stud finder is so cheap, it comes with a drill... that costs 15 US dollars. Oh the humanity!

On one more note - I think stud finders are cool and they're the one tool I can play with without breaking it or me or the house. I hope. It would be so fun to find all the studs in the walls! Okay, I'm weird. But taking on Pluggers makes you weird, we all know that.

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Stephanie said...

Just so you know, Hank Hill is not a day laborer. He is a day craftsman.


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