Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday July 13th

The comic:

Well no shit sherlock, you got the ones with just one slot per day, instead one with 2 or 4 per day. And you didn't label them when you set them up. And you don't have a list of your medications, so you can take a look and see which ones are for evening and which are for the morning. I take more at 8am than I do at 8pm, so that's obvious.

I have a great pill dispenser - it's got the 4 compartments per day, and I can remove a day and take it with me if I'm going to be out at a time when I need to take medication (2pm or 8pm usually... 8am on surgery days).

That really rocks.

So yeah, no sympathy. And why didn't anyone help you? You could have said to the pharmacist, I have to take pills twice a day, but I only have this as a pill dispenser. But asking for help is against the Plugger creed.

I mean, mixing up your meds like that could cause serious problems - some drugs should only be taken before bed.

Research FAIL.

Heartwarming? No.

Something I can relate to? No, and I hope others can't. They're not that expensive, people!

Funny? Hahahahaha, no, except that he bought the stress upon himself.

But it's about taking medication, and only old people take medication daily (notice they didn't say "senior Plugger" this time and he's not drawn especially old) so run that shit.


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