Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturday July 3rd

The comic:

On all that fur!

Two things marking her as a different Plugger - "senior" and "ladies". Senior bothers me because I know women start using that expensive snake oil in their 30s or 20s.

"Ladies" bothers me because all women are so gullible and vain, amirite? It has nothing to do with our youth-obsessed couple or the fact that older men with wrinkles and gray hair look "distinguished" and want a younger woman, or a younger-looking one, at least. Plastic surgery is out of a Pluggers' price range, but all she's spent on gunk for her face over the years is probably more than what a face lift would cost - it just seems like more for the surgery because it's all at once (or on installments).

I use moisturizer. I was a senior in high school, and I "should" be a senior in August, but I don't think I will be. 4th year, yes, but I'm probably not graduating next May.

Anyways, I have dry skin. The right moisturizer is a godsend for everyone, male or female, old or young. I guess moisturizer makes your skin look young as well? I wouldn't know, I already look young all the time.

This makes me sad - I wish this was homey and sweet (gag-inducing) - a Plugger grandmother doesn't need anti-wrinkle cream, because she knows they're part of her life. And it would show her pointing at some with her granddaughter on her lap - "These are laugh lines - I've had a happy life." or "Your mother gave me these!" Off camera - "Mom!"

Or even better - she's complaining about her wrinkles and her partner says, "I love them, they're a map of our life together." (Or - "The laugh lines, frown lines, lines from thinking - they prove you're not a robot!") *cut to snuggle time*

Oh yeah, they're called "apps" because you apply them to your face.

"Trying to look young and wasting money - there's an app for that."

But I thought the iPod and such were designed to be easy to use, especially by people who aren't that comfortable with technology, like, oh "seniors."

Besides, what do they say? Getting old is better than the alternative!

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