Friday, July 4, 2008

Tuesday June 24th

The comic:

RhinoMan has a TV! You go RhinoMan!

Okay, what's on the tv?

A VCR, DVD player, cable/satellite box, maybe an adapter for the DVD player. (Our old living room TV looked similar, as in it was big enough to sit on the floor and support all those things and a nice picture frame. We needed the adapter for the DVD player because our TV was kind of from the '80s.)

And some video and dvd cases.

That makes sense.

But is that a phone? I've never seen a phone by a TV or in an entertainment center, except maybe a cell phone set down next to one or on a shelf.

And is that another TV with the news on?

That should be saved for a picture-in-picture comic.

Also, aren't Pluggers supposed to be handy? Wouldn't they relish building an entertainment center?

ETA: Eek, Pluggerville is big enough to have its own version of American Idol! Or they're so cut off from society that they can't see any other country's version. Either way, weird.


Anonymous said...

Things are good for Rhino-man -- he got his TV out of hock!

Kaitlyn said...

Exactly. When things are good for the R Man (as his close friends call him), the rest of us can relax.


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