Friday, July 4, 2008

Friday June 20th

The comic:

Wait. This is all wrong. Sure, Pluggers are old.

But a new cell phone?

A cell phone that small?


You're a Plugger if you do this while griping about the prevalence of cell phones and how they've changed the world, but insisting your kids have those on at all times and call hourly.

On that note, my mom used to say things like that, but hey, she wants us to call her, so she stopped. I saw an e-mail about how great a childhood my mom's generation had, and how horrible the current one is. I hate those - they seem so accusatory, and they're blaming us. We didn't do it! But one mentioned the great inventions and changes the generation made, while whining about how the world had changed. Plugger central, except it was an e-mail.

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