Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday July 20th

The comic:

How is that a paradox?


devin said...

Paradox = "Pair o' docs" = two doctors.

At least, that's what I think it means.

Markytom said...

I think the chicken is experiencing the fight or flight paradox - if she fights about the doctor the dog may become agitated and maul her to death, if she remains frozen the dog may become hungrier and hungrier and devour her. Which will she choose?

xy said...

pluggers are stupid, that's why it's a paradox.

also, have you retired from DCR or are you planning a triumphant return in the future?

Kaitlyn said...

Re: the DCR - I don't know yet. Probably not.

Marion Delgado said...

Because the Plugger holding the paper is still alive to read about herself in Pluggers. She should be dead. Especially if devin is right, which she/he probably is.

Wait, did I say paradox? I meant "tragedy."

No chicken with any sense of self preservation marries a bluetick hound, in my opinion.


zomg no DCR? dang.

You do a great job with Plug it Up, but isn't DCR more and better exposure? :(


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