Saturday, July 4, 2009

I'm sorry.

I believe I looked at the Pluggers from the 17th and just said "fuck it".

At the time, I'd been spending less and less time online and more time asleep and reading. Also, I think I was getting a bit depressed, as I watched less and less Bollywood movies.

Writing about Pluggers is emotionally and creatively draining.

Also, that guy runs classics like every other week.

Happy fourth!

Unlike other times when I took off, this time I don't think I'll be covering the days I missed.* Sorry.

ETA: *This is subject to change, of course.

And this has NOTHING to do with watching two good Bollywood movies last night and seeing one in a MOVIE THEATER for the first time since February. Or maybe everything. Man, Omkara is awesome.


Pirk said...

I think that's why no one else will do it (write about Pluggers)
you're like providing a service

Henry said...

Thanks for your work, Kaitlyn. Your fans appreciate everything you do, and I think most of us would understand if you didn't update daily. We missed you while you were gone and are glad to see you back.

Markytom said...

I missed your daily updates - I enjoy your service - like Pirk said, someone has to do it.

The author of Pluggers might agree with you - "writing about Pluggers is emotionally and creatively draining" - but I think, like the author of Ziggy, he has gone completely insane long ago and nobody has realized it yet.

Pirk said...

Hear that Kaitlyn? Eventually it'll get easier because you will have gone completely insane!


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