Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday July 17th

The comic:

I thought he'd call her his remote control. This is better, somehow. At least she's not an inanimate object. (Unlike him.)


Pirk said...

I don't get the joke

Markytom said...

I think the joke is that dogs who watch TV are only interested in watching other dogs on TV. Or maybe not.

Or maybe it's that pluggers are so fat and lazy that, even though they are sitting only two feet away from the TV, they demand that someone else adjust the settings when they are getting a bad picture, except that since all broadcasts are now digital trying to fix the picture with horizontal/vertical controls doesn't even make any sense which is kind of but not really funny because it's more stupid than funny, and it still has nothing to do with HDTV which is a completely different format than analog signals.

Or maybe it's more like a joke where it's so nonsensical it supposed to make you chuckle a little - for example, two people are playing golf and one says to the other, "cotton candy killed the dinosaurs," which is sort of funny because of cognitive incongruity or cognitive dissonance, but I think that's a reach for pluggers.

Hmm. I don't get the joke either.

Kaitlyn said...

You guys must be Pluggers if you assume there's a joke to be found. The only joke is that somebody gets paid for this dreck and it's not me.


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