Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday April 29th

The comic:

Wow. They got on the unfunny stimulus package jokes pretty fast.

You notice he's not talking about the rest of the coupons? That would make more sense. This is one coupon, for one dinner. (For however many people, it's still ONE DAMN DINNER.)

Not to mention their deathwish, which is what popped in my head when I saw the top half. I like junk food, I've been to buffets before, but anything with the word "greasy" in its title is an automatic red flag to me. Mostly for safety reasons, plus a bit of taste thrown in. Not that I'm too good for a greasy spoon, I mean if your food is so greasy that you use that as your selling point, well... urgh.

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Anonymous said...

Hot dog in the mail?

Probably shouldn't eat that...


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