Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday April 20th

The comic:

A Plugger is old.

And a drawer full? Really? In 2009? I can understand keeping one sheet as a memento (they are part of history, because what the hell are green stamps?), but a drawer full?

Did a plugger just find this drawer because this burea was hidden behind 2 feet deep stack of newspapers? "They'll come in handy one day!"

And you know she won't throw a single stamp out.

I'm sure the reality was Glynn Collier coming across a sheet or a few loose stamps and getting nostalgic. I hope it was. But that's boring, and doesn't end with a Plugger surrounded by eventually useful junk.


Sigma said...

A quick search says that they were a form of reward program. Get them for purchases, collect a bunch, redeem them for stuff.

Having that much you would probably get some premium stuff, so why did they not redeem them?

Marion Delgado said...

Currently the company operates as S&H Solutions and offers S&H Greenpoints, a digital version of Green Stamps, which can be earned online and in participating grocery locations.
... S&H still survives as a division of YOU Technology where it is part of their retail solutions portfolio.
So you see, Kaitlyn, all they need to do is go on the Internet and simply convert their stamps (by mailing them in?) to green points and then remotely cyber-manage their green points for online-ordered rewards and ...

Hey, why are you laughing?


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