Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday April 17th

The comic:

What makes this particularly spring-like? I'd think it more appropriate for fall, as these sorts of these things of done for homecoming week (football).

So you're a Plugger if you're tacky and bewildered by life. (Look at the eyes!)

I'm just glad that shirt doesn't fit Plugger Jr.

As for Papa Bear's bewilderment, he agreed (or maybe his wife?) to let the kid wear the shirt before, so he can't blame the kid. We're stupid at the age, really stupid. Though when we're bewildered, we try to correct the situation by learning. (Or I do.)


Pirk said...

I've never seen a plugger wearing that sort of shirt. maybe pluggers buy them but are too self-conscious to ever wear them?

Joe said...

Any of those flannel shirts would've worked just as well for "tacky day"(?).

Anonymous said...

I've seen Pluggers wearing one of those shirts, of course they were listening to Jimmy Buffet at the time. Pluggers love Jimmy Buffet. I don't understand why, possibly because it flirts with rebellious without ever letting go of the status quo. Pluggers probably like to think they're actually rebellious at heart, especially when they yell at the newspaper or participate in Tea Bagging parties on Tax Day.


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