Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday April 24th

The comic:

Are you sure it's not lead?


Anonymous said...

I've seen some petty, pathetic shit in my time but taking pride in not having an ice maker? Seriously, kill yourself Pluggers.

Joe said...

A Plugger's "icemaker?" Now they're just raggin' on fifty year old advances in technology, although I guess their true gripe is with a "highfalutin' contraption" that is commonly found in roadside motels, and probably assembled in a factory by a fellow Plugger for that matter, but I digress.

Just a thought--what would Pluggers have been like if it were written in the 1950s? They'd have probably railed against such "newfangled thingamajigs" as the touch tone telephone, the polio vaccine and the civil rights movement.


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