Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday May 8th

The comic:

His ears scare me. Also, going on the RhinoMan's story - he is at a friend or relative's house and they lent him decent pajamas. Or he broke in and put on the pjs and is raiding the fridge because his biggest fantasy in life is having a midnight snack. Ha, imagined poverty is funny!

Also, he's not thinking outside the box. If he was, we'd see an open cupboard (though the angles that would require showing more than RhinoMan and an open fridge in a blank void would probably break our heads) or at least the freezer would be open. That would be literal.

Is this supposed to be literal - he'll take food out of the box. Or is it, ha, Pluggers only think of food and that's funny because um, it just is.

No idea.

I'm not doing better health wise, but school is over (except for a 12 page paper, I just want to take an F, I'm so lazy) and I'm on the couch and the dogs need to be in. So mentally, I'm in a better place. So Monday, maybe?

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