Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday May 31st

The comic:

There is no "classic" by Brad Wesner that is patriotic and sappy?

Why doesn't he have glasses on? The way his eyes are drawn, it doesn't look like he can see much.

Also, why does she care?

Unless she recommended the book based on its ending. (Shutter Island for example - though its last lines give nothing away.)

Sometimes I like knowing spoilers/endings ahead of time because it's fun to see how it all adds up - and I will watch or read something again going nah, it's not gonna happen and bam, it does. Also, while watching Bunty aur Babli, I get nervous each time they're on the train towards the end - will they go to jail or not?! My friend thought I was so batty because I told her I'd scene it 50 times and was still like oh no what will happen!

...I really get into movies.

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Anonymous said...

Jumping to conclusions is, of course, the only exercise a Plugger ever gets.


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