Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday May 7th

The comic:

Pluggers have butts?

Pluggers have curves?

Pluggers don't have a Hank Hill butt? (And he is such a Plugger - so smug. He and Andy Griffith are total Pluggers - "real" folks and so damn smug.)

I think the point is "Pluggers are fat" and the drawing says "Pluggers are fat and it depresses them."

Or maybe this has something to do with guy jeans I don't get?

Anyways, Pluggers are fat! Hoo doggie, what a knee-slapper! Fat people are funny! I tell jokes and make people laugh, and I'm fat. Now I know they only laughed because I'm fat. (Or when I was sick and skinny, because they could tell the future and knew I'd be fat one day.)

Thanks Pluggers for clearing up my misconceptions! Now I know I'm nothing more than my hilariously fat body.

If "Pluggers are fat" wasn't funny, why would it be repeated on a regular basis?

That still doesn't mean this comic makes a lick of sense. Oh well, Texans. What can you expect.

ETA: Ha! "Fat jokes" are funny - Hagar the Horrible writer Chris Browne agrees with me! Or he wouldn't make one every week as well. It's so much fun breaking things and possibly hurting yourself, oh man, I'm going to laugh so much I might cry. Or punch the monitor.

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