Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday May 28th

The comic:

How would the cashier know if he tried them on or now?

And why would she care?

Men are so lucky - 44 inches is 44 inches no matter what the brand. A 12 isn't a 12 everywhere and neither is a Large.

I hate trying on clothes (I get overheated, and it's so fun to see this perfect dress that you thought was near your size show off your tits if it can get up there), so I try to get comfy clothes that are labeled with letters and assume I need a L or XL. For something new or fancy (not a t-shirt or basic tank), I'll try it on.

I got new shorts last week and tried them on over my shorts... and tennis shoes. They fit fine.

Also, I am envious of people - no matter what their size - who don't have fluctuating weight and know their sizes won't change from year to year... or week to week. That's why I stick with sweats/yoga pants/whatever.

Though last time I bought jeans, I only tried on the first pair in the size that worked, then bought others from the same brand, so the sizes would mean the same thing. And they fit wonderfully! However, jeans hurt whether they fit or not, so... elastic.

Bah. Men's clothes seem so easy, but they do have a minefield in what's "acceptable" at work - just what is business casual? But men don't have big boobs, a big waist, and a small butt. Or the reverse. Curves are a bitch to cover without looking like a hooker or wearing something way too big - and then there are height issues...

And I haven't even wandered into the world of suits and work clothes.

Oh, where were we? Male Pluggers are smug lucky jerks. (Pluggers are smug by default. Except RhinoMan.)

I'm surprised they didn't go for the stereotype of having the wife do the shopping - some men honestly don't know their sizes, because the women in their lives have always shopped for them.

Oh! I just remembered a funny (and humiliating) sequence from The Agony of Alice by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor.

Alice needs new jeans, and her older brother takes her shopping. He gets her many sizes and they don't fit, not even the smallest pair! She thinks she's a freak of nature, until a female sales associate tells them that she needs girls jeans.

So maybe we should do the shopping.

Does a long post make up for a... huh... only four days? It felt like a longer absence.

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