Saturday, April 24, 2010



My health has been especially heinous since the last time I posted.

And judging by tonight, it's not getting better any time soon.

Normally, mocking Pluggers would be a welcome distraction, but it's just not working for me right now.

It's not like I'm not online and I haven't shut myself off like I've done before - I still comment at some sites, still post at my favorite message board, hey, I started tweeting. Still do facebook.

I just... can't.

Well, in two weeks' time, I'll be at home and this horrible semester will be behind me (and the mountains of paperwork for filing for disability will be ahead of me... oy) and who knows.

Also, it's hard to mock Pluggers the few times they're not being smug a-holes. Because what's so funny about poor health or poverty? I guess I could just say "Ha ha, he's so poor he's doing X, isn't that what America wants to see in its comics? It's so funny! Why aren't you laughing?" It's like Funky Winkerbean some days, and the smirks come on the smug days. "Pluggers don't know what this new thing is, and they don't care" and "Pluggers are good people (non-Pluggers are not)".


No promises.


Jerod T. said...

Aww... hope everything goes well for you, and hope to see you back soon

Kaitlyn said...

Thanks, Jerod.

Betty Symington said...

long time reader, first time commenter, some time poll taker, non-plugger: feel better soon. i miss the way you mock.



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