Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday April 10th

The comic:

The caption says "Pluggers' 'don't ask, don't tell'." And features the female chicken Plugger standing in front of an open fridge, looking towards the male dog Plugger (and the audience), asking, "Did you take the last piece of cake out of the fridge?" The dog has a guilty look on his face, food on his mouth, and he's holding a plate with a piece of cake on it. And he's using a fork.

This hurts my head. He can't tell right now because his mouth is full, but WTF? Is she going to kick him out of the house once she finds out he did take the cake? Because he was foolish enough to use silverware, leaving a trail behind.

So do stereotypical wives (as if there are any other in Pluggerville) not ask if their stereotypical husbands eat "bad" food?

But she did ask.



Sigma said...

Is that chocolate frosting? Obviously he's trying to kill himself, and she just won't let him do it in peace. "If you're going to kill yourself the least you could do is leave some dessert for the rest of us." Nag nag nag.

WV: cring (v): what I do every time I read Pluggers

Anonymous said...

Maybe things would heat up around the ol' Plugger household if chicken-plugger would spend more time dressing up like a dog. It looks like the inter-species thing isn't working for dog-plugger anymore.


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