Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday November 4th

The comic:

Chocolate has an expiration date?

And talk about your generic generics! "Milk Choklit"? Surprised they spelled Milk right.

I can't tell what that's supposed to be - it looks like either an extra larger chocolate bar or some kind of (usually bitter) baking chocolate. So they bake a lot?

Or they like chocolate.

Sent in by a man, illustrated with a female creature. Bien sûr.

Actually, I think I've had Hershey's Kisses past their "best eaten by" date. They'd melted and fused with the wax paper and/or they were rock hard.

Anyways, what sets Pluggers apart from the rest of us? Chocolate - except for baking chocolate - isn't meant to last. It's for eating.

But no, this is supposed to suggest that Pluggers eat a lot, especially the ladies, ya know what I mean? Ha ha ha. Isn't it HILARIOUS? Why aren't you laughing?

No, wait, what was it in MAD's parody of Mad About You (Too Bad About You)? They replaced the laugh track with a "how true, how true" track. (Don't have book with me.)

But Pluggers can't make up its mind - either we're busting a gut laughing at ourselves, or we're nodding thoughtfully, how true, how true. That's the intent.

My reactions are divided into two categories - WTF?! and ::sigh:: Occasionally I get "inspired" and read something dark into it - treason, murder, cannibalism - but usually it's me blathering on about how little sense/how boring it is.

And then we all suffer.


Anonymous said...

Or maybe the chickenlady is slowly poisoning her dogman spouse since chocolate is toxic to dogs?

Anonymous said...

Maybe "Milk Choklit" is a brand of chocolate-flavored laxative and Chicken-Plugger is in a panic because she's addicted to its clensing effect. Of course that also means there's chicken-shit all over the house, but what are you going to do?


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