Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday October 17th

The comic:

I'm just a poor college student. Despite being a **Southern Lady**, I know little about fashion.

The only thing I can think of is the episode where The Who come to Springfield, and Mr. Burns chides Smithers for ironing creases into his dungarees and making him look like a square. Of course, the creases are really his brittle old-man bones poking through. Which is excellent.

Also, are those cowboy boots? Somehow this seems more suited for a stereotypical view of Texas, not Florida. (And how cool is the name "Niceville" for a town? Seriously, not making fun.)

So what is the point?

Pluggers have "dress jeans." They have creases, therefore they are ironed regularly, or rarely worn. If it's the latter, they're repeating their "gag" about Pluggers and suits and how infrequently they wear them. (They're either outdated, ill-fitting, or both.)

Okay, I spend a lot of time in sweats. (Or "yoga pants.") Whatever, they're not made of denim.

But even I don't see jeans as dressy or formal. I have dress pants and a kind-of formal dress. They have served me well.

Basically, what the flying fuck are "dress jeans"?


Anonymous said...

Is that supposed to be a 'young' plugger on the make? You know he's gotta be a smooth operator, just hoping to 'get lucky' so he can control the remote.

Pirk said...

nice jeans are the ones that aren't faded or stained or with holes.
or, you know, whichever pair looks newest.
usually dark blue rather than light blue.

my grandpa wore his nice jeans to my grandma's funeral

Marion Delgado said...

We *could* go with the Southern charm, say for Lady Roo Pluggeress.

"A PLUGGER'S Add-a-Beads are on the Abacus she used instead of those fancy calculators until she discovered Asian people use them."


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