Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday May 19th

The comic:

So us non-Pluggers take cruises all the time then?

I'd say they're stretching their "Plugger versions of things" shtick, but that's been stretched so far it's already snapped.

Anyway, it's a luxury, right? So why would a Plugger indulge in a something frivolous like that?


Markytom said...

I thought Pluggers ate their own garbage.

Pirk said...

or threw it in the back of their truck

Anonymous said...

I thought a Plugger's idea of luxery was two-ply toilet paper.

Pirk said...

nah we pluggers hate multi-ply toilet paper. it feels like wiping your butt with a t-shirt

Marion Delgado said...

Kaitlyn I am sad to say that Dog-husband could no longer control himself, and he bought the luxury liner to better dispose of the sad remains of Chicken-wife without leaking.

Anonymous said...

I thought Pluggers used garbage bags as colostomy bags.


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