Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday May 9th

The comic:


What the hell is going on here? They're dressed up and using valet parking? Is this the right comic?

Also, maybe if your truck wasn't such a heap of junk, maybe other people could drive it. I thought Pluggers were mechanical?

I'd think they'd be like Hank Hill, worried about another man touching her.

Pluggers... and valet parking! This doesn't feel like an hallucination...


Pirk said...

it's funny 'cause you can tell the artist has never tried to draw a plugger in a tux before

Anonymous said...

That tux is the same tux Plugger-bear borrowed from his dad for the senior prom. Plugger-bear's dad was a complete load at the time, so 50 years later it fits the son.

The wife? She got her outfit off-the-rack at Dress-For-Less.

It all makes sense now.

Joe said...

That Plugger has an hour left to return his tux...back to his father's coffin.


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