Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday September 16th

The comic:

What's a double celebration for non-Pluggers? What the hell are they smoking?

Something cheap.

Jeezus, lady, no one made you marry him, let alone stay together long enough to have a divorce.

And what an idiot! He's so happy, he almost looks like a real dog!


Marion Delgado said...

Finally Pluggers have a point. about 80% of humanity would celebrate a free meal (or even a half priced one) at a diner as they keep plugging away.

And they might pick their anniversary, especially if most of the kids survived.

The Americanness of Pluggers is a little weird, though. That's only about 5% of humanity. Unless America is harboring 20-some billion subterranean beast-people in various civil defense warrens, enslaved yet demanding we recognize their humanity.

In which case, never mind. Pluggers, you rule!

xy said...

it makes me sad to see that this came out of my home state, and the good part no less.

really, if you lived here, you would know that St. Paul is about the least Pluggery place you could imagine. it's where all the rich people live when they're not somewhere warm for the winter.

Anonymous said...

The new phonebook's here! The new phonebook's here!


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