Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday June 5th

The comic:

At least they didn't say ATM machine!

It's scary - you can do this when paying with debit or credit cards.


Sigma said...

Pluggers can't remember PINs and therefore can't use ATMs.

Because they're old!


Marion Delgado said...

not only are PAWN SHOPS the plugger ATM - established TWICE in this strip - (Pluggers are LAZY) - but this is not even the last photo taken of poor Chicken-wife Plugger before she disappeared.

I asked Dog-husband Plugger if all these photos of Chicken-wife weren't in bad taste and he looked confused and said something about herbs and spices.

Numbskull72 said...

Pluggers are the people holding up the grocery store checkout line by writing a check for one item. GET A DEBIT CARD!!!


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