Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday May 5th

The comic:

But it is new - new to you at least.

And I hate hate hate that Plugger Cat. It gives me the creeps.

Pluggers buy shoddy used cars, because they are morons.


Anonymous said...

Pluggers also buy retreads, so they always make sure they've got a dependable car jack and tire iron in the trunk.

Anonymous said...

No updates in a month?!? That's no way to get an 'A.'

Kaitlyn said...

2nd anonymous - your comment will probably prompt me out of laziness.

Pluggers is a very depressing, boring comic and I was wiped out by school.

I think I'll start again - with May 6th, no skipping for me!

All it took was someone *asking*. Plus around the time I stopped, I got a letter calling me bitter and mean because of this blog.

Anonymous said...

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